Sunday, March 30, 2008

my own fault

right now my stomach is doing the wave and it is not baby induced. this afternoon i thought a perfect meal would be a handful of feta stuffed olives, two large dill pickle spears and enough peanut butter cups to create the illusion of a peanut butter cup wrapper snow storm in my immediate area. why i did this to myself i do not know. they each sounded worthy of consumption on their own, however, the combination is doing me in. yep. all my fault. no sympathy necessary. ive been wondering what beverage i could chase this all down with but strangely nothing sounds even slightly appetizing. margaritas are always great, but not really an option. ugh.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

s.k.i. #6?...grouchy baby...

i will keep this brief as my body is just as tickled about being preggo this time around as last. while there are no recent tears to the esophagus from constant upchucking like last time resulting in the throwing up of blood, i continue to feel like im experiencing the worst hangover of my life most hours of the day.

i am actually feeling a bit better as of late and am beginning to believe there are better days ahead. however, before those better days arrive, i need to get over a slight case of pneumonia. now would be a good time to mention i was not an easy teen, i did stupid things and put my amazing parents through a lot. i admit this only to point to the possible reason as to why at this exact moment in time i know im being punished for bad behavior in my past. i know, i know, God doesnt roll like that, but seriously there is truth to karma and im getting mine.

after two weeks of wandering around like i had the black lung and alternating between throwing up frosted flakes and buckets of flem (arent you happy youre reading this now?) i swallowed my pride, got dressed and took myself to the emergency room. this is one of my most favorite places to go as its always a mystery what illness you have and of course what illness you will catch in the waiting room. after 74 minutes of my life that i will never get back, dr. tang (a nice korean man who has taken the time to barely learn english) emerges straight from the depths of the break room...i smelled coffee and donuts on this guy. he proceeds to tell me i have a 'bad cough' and 'maybe pneumonia...but we not know because im pregnant so no x-rayey'. great. i ask what i can possibly take that will help the hacking and maybe even help me sleep. he mentions something to me about being a 'superhero' (really, you know this word, but cant pronounce x-ray correctly?) and tells me tylenol and vitamins should help. REALLY?? i hadnt thought of that. hmm, that would be great if i had a headache and was able to even look at my vitamins without inducing a significant gag reflex. i plead with him for something else and he tells me if in a week i just cant take it anymore (at which time ill be leaning longingly over my balcony) i can come back and they can give me tylenol with codine. i ask why i cant have it today and this was his reply...'i could give you codine, but no takey because it make for grouchy baby'. GROUCHY BABY?? as in the 3 inches of baby i have in utero? will it take its little forming limbs and being beating the crap out of me? or are we talking a grouchy baby for life after birth? what exactly do you mean by this, dr. tang? and did you go to medical school online? and why do you hate me? and could you spare a cup of coffee and a few donuts if i cant have the codine?

im realizing that the shopping and my housekeeper will be the only things i miss about this place. and of course my friends, but theyre all leaving too, so whatever. oh, and before i had to taste it twice, the thai food. thats all. i promise my next post will be more chipper.