Sunday, August 10, 2008


i will spare you all the examples of why we think georgia is brilliant...its unbelievably nauseating to hear people rave about their imagined genius children and we are no exception. however, i will say this...she is and has been very verbal...she likes to talk and seems to have a pretty advanced vocabulary...evidenced yet again last week when she told her pediatrician she was 'hilarious' when the nice doctor tried cracking a weak belly button joke. she talks incessantly about everything and is a huge fan of any and all topics that involve her.

last week, as we began camping in our new house, we had the delight of meeting some neighbors...seemingly great people with young children. while we chatted it up with small talk, gk ran in circles in the grass apparently happy to be outside in her new yard. i decided it was time to introduce our peach to our new neighbors...typically our introductions involve gk saying hello, its nice to meet you. this is how it went last week....

me: georgia, come and say hi to our new friends.

gk continuing to run in circles apparently not hearing me.

me: georgia, sweetie, come over and say hello.

gk pauses, kind of grunts and spins a few more times.

me: georgia, get over here right now.

gk kind of skips or hops to my side and looks at me as though this is the first time she has ever been called.

me: georgia, can you please say hello?

gk: grunts and says da-da

im a little surprised and wonder if shes playing some kind of game...

me: sweetie, say hi.

gk: da-da, da-da, da-da. ahhhhh.

me: can you please say its nice to meet you?

at this, our nice new neighbors are clearly amused and wondering what planet i must live on to think my grunting, babbling child can actually speak....

i offered up a half hearted uncomfortable laugh and released all of us from the awkward moment. i offered no further explanations and decided that over the course of time, they would come to know our peach and her gift of conversation. it clearly just wasnt going to be today.